Outdoor Fryers

The Outdoor fryer with a few key features that make it top of the line.


  • Powder coated with High temp food grade paint for better protection and easier clean up.
  • 350° in a little as 8 min. (75° outside temp.)  
  • Faster recovery time than comparable models
  • Unique exhaust design that is Much more quiet and holds more heat against the cooker through the uniquely designed patent pending heat exchanger.
  • Uses nearly half the propane as comparable models making it the most fuel efficient model on the market.  That also means no more bottles freezing up.
  • It has the correct fuel mixture so no more raw gas smell from improper mixture like comparable models on the market.
  • The lid stays cool to the touch during operation while resting against the fryer rather than the exhaust, like comparable models, and The lid is also offered in different colors.
  • Large baskets 477 cu in. (13 1/4" x 6" x 6"compared to 176 cu in basket (11" x 4" x 4")  in comparable models. That's over twice the cooking capacity per basket!!